Seventh Grade Wisdom

One thing I know,
is that life is too short;
you only have a spoonful of time.

When you hold a grudge,
you are hurting yourself,
it’s like scarring your soul and your mind.

The challenges in life,
are the tests that you get
to prepare you to take on the world

Things happen for reasons,
at a certain time,
and it helps you to enter the world

Loss is a boulder, that we have to carry,
but profit is a pebble,
unrecognized till it’s gone.

If you take more than you need,
and never say thank you,
you will eventually end up alone

You get one life,
you get one chance,
Do everything that you need and want.

When you have a bad day,
you can tell to yourself that,
You only need to live this day once.

Enjoy the present,
because it is a gift
You can only savor it for now

To sum it all up,
the best thing I know,
is that life is just stuffed with surprises.

All rights reserved © 2014 Josephine Joyil

7 things to learn by 7th grade

There are things in life, that I have not mastered
Being patient is one of them.
All that time I thought, “It doesn’t matter”,
But it turns out to be the personality’s stem.

One other thing that I never learned is,
how to be proud of myself.
I saved the world and two days later,
“It’s no biggy,” I would tell myself.

“Life isn’t fair,” I always hear.
“But, why oh why?” I would ask.
The answer I get is , “The answer is near
And now go back to your task”.

I know this may sound
quite a bit silly,
but another thing that I haven’t learned
is how to climb a tree.

My phone is my love,
My phone is my life,
I can’t live without it,
Like a husband to a wife,

Yet another thing I am bad at,
is taking advice from a young kid.
When they say, “ That’s so easy dude”,
I’ll never know what they just did.

These are six things that the world boos at me for,
Ending my poem is the seventh one.
I know, the rest of my poem was great
But my endings are as lame as an ill horse.

All rights reserved © 2014 Josephine Joyil