Fernweh Street

23 August , 1933
It started out as a flash of light from the heavens above. The beautiful rays that radiated from this flash expanded and kissed the horizons surrounding them. The people looked up and marveled at the malevolent beauty of their own destruction. Children glared at the ostentatious light flashing in the skies above them. It was almost as if they did not know that such ostentatious gifts always comes with a prize. I suppose ignorance was indeed bliss. Or maybe it was not ignorance at all that brought the people of Fernweh Street to come out and indulge in the enchanting light show. Perhaps it was the knowledge that death was,in fact one of the most genuine and inevitable aspects of life. Perhaps the people of Fernweh Street wanted to spend their last moments on earth cherishing the beauty of the savage way they were about to die. Perhaps they preferred to perish standing hand in hand with their kin. Either way, the people of Fernweh Street were standing on the streets there that night with their eyes fixed on the beams of radiation expanding out into the horizons. With a smile on their faces, they accepted death with open arms.

All rights reserved © 2016 Josephine Joyil

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