7 things to learn by 7th grade

There are things in life, that I have not mastered
Being patient is one of them.
All that time I thought, “It doesn’t matter”,
But it turns out to be the personality’s stem.

One other thing that I never learned is,
how to be proud of myself.
I saved the world and two days later,
“It’s no biggy,” I would tell myself.

“Life isn’t fair,” I always hear.
“But, why oh why?” I would ask.
The answer I get is , “The answer is near
And now go back to your task”.

I know this may sound
quite a bit silly,
but another thing that I haven’t learned
is how to climb a tree.

My phone is my love,
My phone is my life,
I can’t live without it,
Like a husband to a wife,

Yet another thing I am bad at,
is taking advice from a young kid.
When they say, “ That’s so easy dude”,
I’ll never know what they just did.

These are six things that the world boos at me for,
Ending my poem is the seventh one.
I know, the rest of my poem was great
But my endings are as lame as an ill horse.

All rights reserved © 2014 Josephine Joyil

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