He Who Guides

The voice of God guides me
To start this life afresh,
To forget the unforgettable–
A voice not to second guess,

The voice that I have trusted
At dawn of day that’s life,
A day that I shall walk through
Till God’s word calms the strife.

The trifles of this world
Shall strain not my soul,
For I know of God’s word,
The word of life that’s whole

For all those that are broken,
Contentment God shall grant,
For the cross of Jesus opened
The gates of Heaven’s land.

The Voice that welcomes back
A banished child of Eve.
The water that will cleanse
A sinning soul that grieves.

A helper God shall send,
Who shall guide me through.
A light at tunnel’s end,
That shines in radiant hues.

The sadness may persist,
And through it all I stand,
For I know of God’s gift,
He knows and understands.

The fruit of Eden seeks
The hopeless and alone.
Temptation hunts the weak,
But God will guide them home.

Our worldly needs may ask
To leave the just and right.
My soul shan’t leave its task,
To praise God from hill’s height.

When Heaven’s gate is opened,
The choir of angels sing.
A hymn of praise and worship,
Songs of eternity ring.

All rights reserved © 2018 Josephine Joyil