Letters sent through time

There are things I learned,
from the roller coaster I call life.
And I would like to share some,
With my wide eyed kindergarten self.

Let the world know,
that your friendship is not for sale.
It should be earned,
it has a value immeasurable by a scale.

There are people out there,
who wants to crush your spirit into dust.
Don’t let them win the game of life,
just brush yourself off and try again.

When someone breaks your trust,
remember to forgive them,
but never forget them.
They are sure to strike again

The key to life is confidence.
People will try to snatch it away.
Once you get it you can open the chest,
and find the treasure known as victory.

Pear pressure is an ugly face.
It will pull you in and won’t let go.
Say no to it and your reputation,
won’t be punched with any holes.

The truth matters a lot, I know.
But it may scar other’s self esteem.
Once it’s spilled their soul is shattered.
So don’t forget to butter your toast

Remember a single smile,
can brighten up a mile.
It is your duty as a child,
to make the grownups feel worthwhile.

Trust is vital to recipe for life.
But so is cautiousness.
Excessive trust can ruin the life.
Like too much salt to a dish.

Another thing I know,
is that trust has value.
It should be fairly bargained.
It’s to be more treasured than money.

Last but not the least,
childhood is to be cherished.
Once your old, it’s done.
It’s completely perished.

That’s all the advice,
that I can give to you.
Bear in mind I’m only twelve.
I should probably use this advice too.

All rights reserved © 2014 Josephine Joyil