She squints at the skies, as if to undo a spell. “I feel unwell.”

 “Pray tell.” 

“This sadness, it’s here to dwell.” 


“Do fix it. Just do your magic.” 

“Don’t worry my dear, it’s nothing to fear. It’s ennui, when it passes you’ll cheer.” 

“Ennui.” She said, repeating to herself, 

the funny word with some intrigue.

“Ennui.” She smiled to herself now,

the funny word bringing some joy.

“I feel ennui.” She pouted and sighed,

while feeling it melt away.

“I feel ennui!” She swoon with a gasp,

delicate fingers over her closed eyes.

She laid her head on his lap, and sighed,

“Free me from this ennui!”

A silent second passed. Then two. 

She opened he eyes. Her company smiled.

“Won’t you free me from ennui?”

She asked once more, peering expectantly back. 

He chuckled, ran his fingers though her hair and said,

“I fear I’m already late, for ennui is not your current state.”

All rights reserved © 2023 Josephine Joyil

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