Prison Themed school

​​We go to a prison themed school, 

Don’t break the rules, 

Retribution can be so cruel. 

So long as you wear the school tie,

Don’t catch the eyes,

Of the principle, so you won’t cry. 

Too bad that you need the tool,

This education, without which you’d be the fool, 

How gruel(ing). 

You may think your just passing by, 

But without the high, 

Of self respect, 

Can you say you merely gave us just your best? 

And when those slackers go slackin’ by, 

Riding the wave of their papa’s buys, 

And growing addicted to mama’s high praise. 

You know you’d be denied the raise,

When the time comes to make the living, 

From blood and tears effaced. 

Cause one thing that prison theme school taught you, 

Is where to find your cue, 

Stand in you place, 

While your better ups become all the craze. 

Sure, go to your prison themed school,

See you on the other side, fool, 

But when you sell your mind to get there, 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, that it’s not fair.

All rights reserved © 2022 Josephine Joyil

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