Types of People the New Kid Meets

I was sitting at lunch the other day and I realized that every time I was the new kid at school, I always encounter the same four types of people. Perhaps I should call them personalities rather than people as these qualities can describe anyone and everyone.

First, there is the ‘Forget Me Nots’. The Forget Me Not is that person who you met on the first week of school who reminds of someone. You can’t tell exactly who the Forget Me Not is like but you recognize something about them. Maybe it’s their pretentious eyebrows that seem to have been carefully crafted or their permanently plastered smile- these tend to be the more identifiable traits of the Forget Me Not- all you know for a fact is that this person’s face has made an appearance in your life once before. After a few weeks of observation, you have concluded that the Forget Me Not is simply another version of the person you knew initially, perhaps even a carbon copy. 

Speaking of carbon copied other versions, I like to call this next type of person the iPhone. The iPhone can do every basic thing that their peers can do, but they claim to be doing it better. They believe that their word on this matter is all it takes to convince their peers. Just like an iPhone, their demeanor that implies their superiority but once you peel back their pretty mask there are just about as basic as the rest of us. Even though you don’t like her, you just can’t avoid her- just like an iPhone. 

Then there is the Recliner. The Recliner is the most laid back person you have ever encountered.This is that person who decides that they only need to participate in life when they feel they are needed. These people can normally be roaming the hallways with their bathroom pass casually peeking out of their oversized sweatpants. They are typically on a first name basis with school security guards. They have been charged with cheating on their assignments several times, but never have they actually been convicted of an honor code violation. They probably even know the principal’s grandmother from bingo night or something. 

Finally, you meet – but never get to know- the Disappearing Act. It’s only the second month of the school year, and they have already decided that it’s time for a getaway. They stopped showing up to school for days at a time, then weeks at a time, then finally for a solid two months. Since their sudden disappearance, you have heard of their whereabouts precisely four times, three of these four times being from the rumors that they have sent flying about them. They drop hints about their location via various forms of social media, but that’s about it. 

Once you have met these four people, you have met everyone. You basically know everyone in town. You might as well have grown up here. 

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