A Junction in Time

The present won’t move forward,
So you reminisce the past.
There’s nothing to work toward,
You wonder if things would last.

As nostalgia clouds the mind,
The good dreams taste bitter sweet.
You wonder if you left behind,
The better days, in hurried fleet.

When childhood faces come to mind,
You wonder if you’ll ever see,
The people who were once so kind,
At the times you were in need.

These faces you saw yesterday,
Who you’ll see tomorrow, but never again…
The faces who have led your way,
Who were by your side without a gain.

This is life, my child listen!
You’ll only see when time had run,
When the evening sun comes down in glisten,
You’ll see at last, that life was fun.

Fun- had you been there to hear the laughter,
Of your peers with whom you grew,
But you had wanted to grow faster,
Now food for worms, you have to go!

All rights reserved © 2018 Josephine Joyil

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