A Junction in Time

The present won’t move forward,
So you reminisce the past.
There’s nothing to work toward,
You wonder if things would last.

As nostalgia clouds the mind,
The good dreams taste bitter sweet.
You wonder if you left behind,
The better days, in hurried fleet.

When childhood faces come to mind,
You wonder if you’ll ever see,
The people who were once so kind,
At the times you were in need.

These faces you saw yesterday,
Who you’ll see tomorrow, but never again…
The faces who have led your way,
Who were by your side without a gain.

This is life, my child listen!
You’ll only see when time had run,
When the evening sun comes down in glisten,
You’ll see at last, that life was fun.

Fun- had you been there to hear the laughter,
Of your peers with whom you grew,
But you had wanted to grow faster,
Now food for worms, you have to go!

All rights reserved © 2018 Josephine Joyil

He Who Guides

The voice of God guides me
To start this life afresh,
To forget the unforgettable–
A voice not to second guess,

The voice that I have trusted
At dawn of day that’s life,
A day that I shall walk through
Till God’s word calms the strife.

The trifles of this world
Shall strain not my soul,
For I know of God’s word,
The word of life that’s whole

For all those that are broken,
Contentment God shall grant,
For the cross of Jesus opened
The gates of Heaven’s land.

The Voice that welcomes back
A banished child of Eve.
The water that will cleanse
A sinning soul that grieves.

A helper God shall send,
Who shall guide me through.
A light at tunnel’s end,
That shines in radiant hues.

The sadness may persist,
And through it all I stand,
For I know of God’s gift,
He knows and understands.

The fruit of Eden seeks
The hopeless and alone.
Temptation hunts the weak,
But God will guide them home.

Our worldly needs may ask
To leave the just and right.
My soul shan’t leave its task,
To praise God from hill’s height.

When Heaven’s gate is opened,
The choir of angels sing.
A hymn of praise and worship,
Songs of eternity ring.

All rights reserved © 2018 Josephine Joyil


The leaves turn to tell the age,
From a tender bud,
To a parchment page.

The green blue waters turn frozen grey,
It cries out
To you in pain.

The winds were blowing, it howled your name.
Its prayers were surely,
Not in vain.

The night devours the light of day,
But from the heavens,
Shine forth your rays.

All rights reserved © 2017 Josephine Joyil

The North

The northeast and the old northwest,
Together formed the northern nest.
United by the railroad routes,
The northern states would start to sprout.

Inexpensive transportation,
Caused a surge in population.
High birth rates and immigration,
Also helped to build the nation.

Towns would grow past 1820,
From tiny town to cities plenty.
A faster pace in railroad tracks,
Made people settle down in packs.

So slums would flood in urban North,
When workers came in rushing forth.
Hence it can be no surprise,
That living conditions did not rise.

All rights reserved © 2017 Josephine Joyil

Letters sent through time

There are things I learned,
from the roller coaster I call life.
And I would like to share some,
With my wide eyed kindergarten self.

Let the world know,
that your friendship is not for sale.
It should be earned,
it has a value immeasurable by a scale.

There are people out there,
who wants to crush your spirit into dust.
Don’t let them win the game of life,
just brush yourself off and try again.

When someone breaks your trust,
remember to forgive them,
but never forget them.
They are sure to strike again

The key to life is confidence.
People will try to snatch it away.
Once you get it you can open the chest,
and find the treasure known as victory.

Pear pressure is an ugly face.
It will pull you in and won’t let go.
Say no to it and your reputation,
won’t be punched with any holes.

The truth matters a lot, I know.
But it may scar other’s self esteem.
Once it’s spilled their soul is shattered.
So don’t forget to butter your toast

Remember a single smile,
can brighten up a mile.
It is your duty as a child,
to make the grownups feel worthwhile.

Trust is vital to recipe for life.
But so is cautiousness.
Excessive trust can ruin the life.
Like too much salt to a dish.

Another thing I know,
is that trust has value.
It should be fairly bargained.
It’s to be more treasured than money.

Last but not the least,
childhood is to be cherished.
Once your old, it’s done.
It’s completely perished.

That’s all the advice,
that I can give to you.
Bear in mind I’m only twelve.
I should probably use this advice too.

All rights reserved © 2014 Josephine Joyil

Seventh Grade Wisdom

One thing I know,
is that life is too short;
you only have a spoonful of time.

When you hold a grudge,
you are hurting yourself,
it’s like scarring your soul and your mind.

The challenges in life,
are the tests that you get
to prepare you to take on the world

Things happen for reasons,
at a certain time,
and it helps you to enter the world

Loss is a boulder, that we have to carry,
but profit is a pebble,
unrecognized till it’s gone.

If you take more than you need,
and never say thank you,
you will eventually end up alone

You get one life,
you get one chance,
Do everything that you need and want.

When you have a bad day,
you can tell to yourself that,
You only need to live this day once.

Enjoy the present,
because it is a gift
You can only savor it for now

To sum it all up,
the best thing I know,
is that life is just stuffed with surprises.

All rights reserved © 2014 Josephine Joyil

7 things to learn by 7th grade

There are things in life, that I have not mastered
Being patient is one of them.
All that time I thought, “It doesn’t matter”,
But it turns out to be the personality’s stem.

One other thing that I never learned is,
how to be proud of myself.
I saved the world and two days later,
“It’s no biggy,” I would tell myself.

“Life isn’t fair,” I always hear.
“But, why oh why?” I would ask.
The answer I get is , “The answer is near
And now go back to your task”.

I know this may sound
quite a bit silly,
but another thing that I haven’t learned
is how to climb a tree.

My phone is my love,
My phone is my life,
I can’t live without it,
Like a husband to a wife,

Yet another thing I am bad at,
is taking advice from a young kid.
When they say, “ That’s so easy dude”,
I’ll never know what they just did.

These are six things that the world boos at me for,
Ending my poem is the seventh one.
I know, the rest of my poem was great
But my endings are as lame as an ill horse.

All rights reserved © 2014 Josephine Joyil